In 1992 I was asked to meet with British theater producer Bill Kenwright at his offices on Shaftesbury Avenue in London. This was nothing unusual I had designed several musicals for Bill and each new show for him was always an adventure so I rode the train into London in anticipation. When I arrived in his office Bill offered me a dream job, He wanted me to design the Broadway version of his huge hit London show BLOOD BROTHERS, The show had been running very successfully for four years in London's west End with another designers set and so I was surprised he wanted me to re design the show for America but I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Bill then threw a dilemma at me " but you have to do costumes as well " I explained nervously to Bill that I could design the hell out of the set but I new nothing about costume design, the response was typical Bill " you can learn ". And I did.. the hard way. 

The show is extremely complex with dozens of scene changes and locations spanning across four decades, with mountains of props and dozens and dozens of costume changes. 

By Christmas that same year we where opening for a short run in Liverpool's Playhouse, The musical is actually set in Liverpool and the show originated in that same city, the residents of Liverpool love BLOOD BROTHERS it is their show and so it was in this city we where to launch our road to Broadway. Early in 1993 we where on the move to the Royal Alex theater in Toronto Canada and we sat there for a spring run before eventually moving to the Music Box theater on west 45th street Broadway New York. I was 26 years old and I found myself back on Broadway where just three years previous I had designed Buddy at the Shubert theater. The show ran on Broadway for 2 years with several star performers including, David Cassidy, Petula Clark, Carole King. We where nominated for seven Tony awards. 

The show toured around the states for a couple of years and Subsequent versions of the show where done elsewhere around the world and my British touring version of Blood Brothers is still touring ten years after it started.