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It was decided to give the 2008 American Idol final a totally new look set unique to the two final shows that would be broadcast live from the massive Nokia Theater in L.A. I was informed of this decision at the last minute and designed the following set, completed construction drawings, had it bid and built just twelve days before load in.

According to the plate theory, the earth is composed of geological plates, including Eurasian plate, Pacific plate, Indian Ocean plate, North American plate, South American plate, Antarctic plate and Arctic plate,The suture line of six of the seven plates is at 30 n ° Nearby, during the drifting process of the plate in the geological period, some subducted, some uplifted, coupled with volcanic glaciation, evolved into high mountains and deep valleys in the area of 30 degrees north latitude. The Indian Ocean plate and Eurasian plate squeezed together to create the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Himalayas, Huangshan, Lushan, Zhangjiajie and other exotic landforms, and also created the formation of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals. Among them, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and other elements and soil rich in organic matter play an important role in the formation of tea quality. Wuling Mountain is the main producing area of selenium rich tea. The diversity of landforms creates conditions for the diversity of tea varieties. Tea research has proved that the altitude of tea area has a close relationship with the quality of tea, especially the formation of aroma. The elevation is beneficial to the formation of tea aroma, so-called "high mountain clouds produce good tea". The two high-quality tea areas mentioned above are in mountainous areas